Dog Swimming Pool

Indoor Dog Swimming Pool

Have you ever experienced the joy of a Labrador punching itself in the belly after a tennis ball in Lake Balaton, a Border Collie cooling off in the Danube on a hot day, or a Newfoundland proudly rescuing its human companion from the garden pool – even if it doesn't actually need rescuing? Many dogs love to swim, but when it comes to dog exercise, it's usually walking or running. Like humans, though, dogs love variety, and there's no better way for that than swimming.

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for your dog. It does wonders for your dog's overall health, as it provides aerobic exercise that also tones and strengthens muscles. It can be particularly useful as a therapy for dogs who are rehabilitating after injury or surgery, have joint problems, or are elderly or overweight. In addition, diving with a canine companion can be a great way to nurture the bond between you two.



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Here are five reasons why your pooch should take the plunge:


The Dogmopolite Dog Swimming Pool is located in our boarding facilities in Szigetszentmiklós and Debrecen. The service is available for our boarding guests (a) and for "external bookings" (b). In addition to our pool service we also offer a fully equipped shower and locker room and professional blow drying for your dog. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Pool service for our boarded guests

Time length1 dog
30 minutes HUF 4000
60 minutes HUF 6000

Pool service for external bookings - individual

Time length 1 dogPool colleague
30 minutes HUF 5000 HUF 1000
60 minutes HUF 7000 HUF 2000

Pool service for external bookings - groups - at least 3 dogs

Time length per dogPool colleague
30 minutes HUF 3000 HUF 1000
60 minutes HUF 4500 HUF 2000

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Dog Treadmill




In our dog boarding facility in Szigetszentmiklós – in addition to our indoor swimming pool – we also have a treadmill specially designed for dogs.

As with all physical exercise, the aim is to help your dog lead a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise on the treadmill not only helps to strengthen muscles, but is also a powerful stress reliever. It is ideal for dogs who are high-energy, who are confined indoors for long periods of time, and for dogs who, as a result of too little exercise, display destructive behaviour – to put it mildly – destroying everything around them, to be more to-the-point. Let's not forget that dogs are living, breathing mammals, and they store a lot of energy. If we don't provide them with a regular possibility to release energy, it will manifest itself in negative behaviours such as excessive barking, chewing, digging, running around, or destroying toys, furniture and other objects.


Benefits of an indoor treadmill:

Dog Treadmill Fees

Time1 dogTreadmill colleague
30 minutes HUF 2000 HUF 1000
60 minutes HUF 3000 HUF 2000

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