Plaque and Tartar Removal

Dental plaque and tartar are responsible for a number of illnesses, including, but not limited to bad breath, gum inflammation, parodontium inflammation, and loss of teeth. Plaque and tartar removal is/was normally performed in anaesthesia on our dogs, which means a substantial strain and stress for them. Not long ago, however, a tooth cleaning device was invented in Austria capable of producing ultrasound.

The application of ultrasound has a preventive effect against all sorts of tooth-related diseases. The component toothpaste creates microbubbles, which loosen up the plaque and tartar structure. The energy of the ultrasound penetrates 12 mm deep into the gum, where it kills bacteria and stimulates the tissue.

As we are performing this intervention while the dog is fully awake (neither anaesthetic, nor sedation), we can only provide service for calm and friendly pets. We, unfortunately, cannot treat dogs with severely neglected teeth, but can certainly help in recognizing this state and provide counsel or recommendation. The device does not buzz, shake, and the intervention is totally painless. We provide a fully professional and safe treatment for your beloved dog.



Our dental hygiene colleague successfully obtained the pet dental hygiene diploma in 2018, organized by Dr. Tamás Juhász and Vera Podhoszky – at this time we applied the Mira-Pet products for our treatments. In 2022 we took part in another further training, accredited by Emmi-Pet – with successful theoretic and practical examinations. Officially, in Hungary only accredited professionals are allowed to perform dental hygiene interventions, which is a high-quality service performed on a regular basis.

We believe that our best friends deserve exactly the same level of oral treatment for preserving health as we do.


Consultation: free of charge
Pre- and post treatment (inflammation treatment + plaque removal): HUF 15,900
Main treatment (tartar removal): HUF 30,900 Ft
Prevention treatment (or tooth-brushing): HUF 7,900


The Emmi-pet 2.0 ultrasound system

The dental and mouth care with Ultrasound is an efficient household method. The emmi-pet functions differently from the traditional, manual, electric or sound toothbrushes using mechanical friction. The emmi-pet applies the capabilities of modern Ultrasound technology. During the dental care with emmi-pet, the cleansing is not produced by the usual «grinding» of traditional toothbrushes, but by soft Ultrasound. The application of soft Ultrasound is absolutely harmless for humans and animals, irrespective of age.

Research has proven that ultrasound with a maximum output of 50 watt is harmless for humans and animals. The Ultrasound of the emmi-pet uses only 0.2 Watt. The positive effect and safety have been proven and confirmed by veterinary dentists and veterinarians. The dental and mouth care with Ultrasound have been applied for years, without any side-effects. Millions of Ultrasound waves are generated every minute by the patented Ultrasound chip in the brush head.

The ultrasound waves are transmitted via each bristle to the Ultrasound toothpaste. The supplied emmi-pet ultrasonic toothpaste contains microscopic air bubbles (microbubbles) that have been enriched in an additional production step. The Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main has confirmed this. More than 3.5 million microbubbles were detected in a range of one mm3.

The ultrasonic vibrations destroy the structure of the microbubbles and they collapse. This creates a suction effect that removes the biofilm and the plaque from the teeth. Afterwards we recommend brushing the bristles over the teeth to remove the loosened biofilm and the plaque from the tooth. All of this happens without your animal noticing it. The emmi-pet is an Ultrasound unit for dental and mouth care in animals on the basis of the emmi-dent Professional, which since 2009 has been supplied to hundreds of thousands satisfied customers worldwide.

Thanks to an improvement of the ultrasonic frequency, the 2nd generation of the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush has a much better effect on the skin and teeth. This leads to an even better cleaning result than with your predecessor from the 1st generation.

But what does the "improvement of the ultrasonic frequency" mean?

The ultrasonic is transported to the area to be treated (skin or teeth) by the frequency rate. By increasing this frequency, the ultrasonic is therefore transported more evenly to the affected area. Conversely, this leads to an improved cleaning result and makes the upgrade to the emmi-pet 2.0 Basic Set so effective.


The emmi-pet 2.0 Basic Set is suitable for all pet owners who are personally concerned about the health and care of their four-legged friend. This set contains everything you need for the painless, gentle and thorough removal of plaque and bacteria from your pet.

With regular use, the animal quickly gets used to the emmi-pet 2.0 Ultrasonic Toothbrush. To prevent tartar, gum inflammation and secondary diseases, we recommend regular use of the emmi-pet 2.0 Ultrasonic Toothbrush. This also gives the animal noticeably fresher breath.


The emmi-pet 2.0 Ultrasonic Toothbrush has been certified as an animal welfare-friendly product by the "Expert body for animal welfare and animal husbandry" (FTT) in Austria.