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Dental plaque and tartar are responsible for a number of illnesses, including, but not limited to bad breath, gum inflammation, parodontium inflammation, and loss of teeth. Plaque and tartar removal is/was normally performed in anaesthesia on our dogs, which means a substantial strain and stress for them. Not long ago, however, a tooth cleaning device was invented in Austria capable of producing ultrasound.

The application of ultrasound has a preventive effect against all sorts of tooth-related diseases. The component toothpaste creates microbubbles, which loosen up the plaque and tartar structure. The energy of the ultrasound penetrates 12 mm deep into the gum, where it kills bacteria and stimulates the tissue.

As we are performing this intervention while the dog is fully awake (neither anaesthetic, nor sedation), we can only provide service for calm and friendly pets. We, unfortunately, cannot treat dogs with severely neglected teeth, but can certainly help in recognizing this state and provide counsel or recommendation. The device does not buzz, shake, and the intervention is totally painless. We provide a fully professional and safe treatment for your beloved dog.

emmipetOur skilled dental hygienist colleague has learned in the past 3 years from the most renown professors everything about the prevention of oral diseases and – once apparent – their treatment. She has been working in this field for 3 years. Half a year ago she did a vet training, too. We kindly draw the attention of our clients to the fact that in most grooming salons – unlike us – this task is performed by regular groomers, while dental hygienic special knowledge is – in our opinion – indispensable for high-quality, safe work.

We believe that our best friends deserve exactly the same level of oral treatment for preserving health as we do. 


Consultation: free of charge
Full treatment (approx. 1 hour): HUF 9,900
Full treatment, 5-visit pass: HUF 46,000
Full treatment, 10-visit pass: HUF 79,000
Plaque removal (in the case of non-calcified tartar): HUF 5,900
Tooth brushing (approx. 20 minutes): HUF 2,500

British Dog Groomers’ Association

British Dog Groomers’ Association »

Dogmopolite is the first and only company in Hungary which is member of the British Dog Groomers' Association (PIF-BDGA).

UK Kennel & Cattery Association

UK Kennel & Cattery Association »

Dogmopolite is the first and only company in Hungary which is member of the UK Kennel & Cattery Association (PIF-UKCA).

Pet Services Association

British Pet Services Association »

Dogmopolite is the first and only company in Hungary which is member of the British Pet Services Association (PIF-BPSA).



Our company has been an official member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) with seat in Florida, US, since 2013.


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In light of our commitment towards professional service provision and health- and material-related values, our company disposes of a general and service liability insurance up to HUF 10 million covering any potential health or property damage


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