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A Multitude of Services from a Single Provider!

Dogmopolite is the first company in Hungary to provide professional services and solutions in all areas and segments for your best friend. The scope of our activities covers all imaginable areas from dog grooming, dog walking and sitting through health care and professional advisory all the way to training, therapeutic treatment and dog boarding.

All services are provided by colleagues with several years' of experience, the necessary physical fitness and exceptional knowledge regarding the specific field, most frequently specializing exactly on the requested field or even breed of the customer. All this is not only very important in order to ensure high-quality standards but much more so in order to effectively maintain and improve the dog's health and comfort, and the security of the surrounding people, animals and objects.


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Our Buda Grooming Salon at
1024 Budapest, Fillér u. 16.


Our Pest Grooming Salon at
1064 Budapest, Rózsa u. 94/B.

kozmetika obuda

Our Óbuda Grooming Salon at
1036 Budapest, Lajos u. 63.

Dogmopolite Kutyakozmetika SUGÁR

Our Sugár Mall Grooming Salon at
1148 Budapest, Örs vezér tere 24.

Experience the World of the Dogmopolite Dog Grooming Salons!

Faithful to our established standards regarding professionalism and quality, we also put heavy emphasis on the dogs' safety and the owners' comfort also in the case of our dog grooming salon. We deem it important that our clients experience the same degree of professional knowledge, care and service, be it any Dogmopolite service they choose.
During the design of our dog grooming salon we concentrated on the work processes which contribute to a convenient and safe operation – this is how the Dogmopolite Grooming Salon was born, where not only dogs, but also their owners can feel fully comfortable.

The first dog grooming salon in Hungary with four locations in Budapest

The Dogmopolite Dog Grooming Salon operates four grooming salons at the same time, because we know, what a hassle it is to cross the city, often during rush hours. We offer the same degree of quality and top-notch grooming colleagues at both of our locations for all our dear clients and their four-legged friends!


Further services

Dogmopolite is a company offering comprehensive solutions for your pet and can, as such, recommend a range of services in addition to grooming to our clients. Here we can mention day-care, active day-care or dog training - services you can use at a discount once having been a guest at our grooming salon: please contact us via telephone, our webpage or in person for the options and discounts!

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We are at your disposal any time: be it a free-of-charge professional consultation or ordering a service, you can count on us. Our well-prepared colleagues are expecting you to provide in-depth advice on different grooming methods, your dog's health and our services!