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Owner's (Client's) Declaration

All our customers sign the following Client Consent Form upon order.

I hereby hand over my dog(s) to Dogmopolite Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. (Seat: H-1118 Budapest, Sasadi út 36., Company Reg. No.: 01-09-942476, Tax No.: 22763190-1-43) (hereinafter: Service Provider), based on Order Form No. _______________ (hereinafter: Order), in order to have the service or set of services detailed in the Order performed.

I declare that I hand over my dog(s) to the Service Provider only for the provision of the service(s) detailed in the Order. I do not claim services that have not been ordered in a written form on the Order Form.  

I declare that I have done/will do everything in my power to enable or ease the provision of the service. In this sense, I will ensure easy access to and exit from the place where my dog(s) are kept. Should the service fail to be realized due to the failure to do so either in my presence or in my absence, I shall accept it as if the service was delivered. Should the access to the place after the delivery of the scheduled service not be possible, then the dog(s) shall be accommodated at the Service Provider’s facilities at the prevailing cost of accommodation (to be found on Service Provider's homepage at: 

I declare that all data on the Order Form – with special regard to my dog's health status and background information – are true and were provided based on my best knowledge. For any damage to property, other dogs or to my own dog(s) resulting in from the false or imprecise provision of such data, I am, as owner, solely and fully responsible both in monetary and in penal terms.

With the signing of the Order Form I accept the General Terms and Conditions set forth on the Service Provider's homepage ( and the payment obligation of the service fee according to the Order Form.

I declare that I will not initiate a direct contact with the Service Provider's colleague actually performing the service, unless agreed otherwise. In case of a new order, service content or timing modification, problems or other exchange of information I shall exclusively contact the Service Provider (Dogmopolite Kft.) directly (Telephone: (06-1) 246 23 06 or E-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

I acknowledge that scheduled services can be cancelled by 5 p.m. on the day preceding the service the latest; otherwise the service due on the following day shall be regarded as performed.

The Service Provider performs the service detailed to the Order Form according to its best knowledge. Nonetheless I acknowledge that for the outcome or success of certain services such as training or socialization, the Service Provider – due to the nature of the dog(s) – cannot assume any responsibility.

The Service Provider only assumes responsibility regarding damages in valuables, with special regard to valuables in and/or around the home of the Owner if the damages on behalf of Service Provider’s colleague did not proceed according to the expectable, rational care. Should the minimal requirements fail to be met by the Owner, then such damages shall be borne by the Owner.

If all data regarding the dog’s health status and other information was provided correctly, then the Service Provider shall bear the responsibility for all material or health-related damages caused by the dog(s). The Service Provider is, in addition, responsible for the dog’s health, if the dog does not suffer from chronic diseases or other health issues resulting from the unprofessional care of the Owner.

I acknowledge that the Service Provider shall be free to determine certain details of the service flexibly – including the time of service delivery within a set range, the exact walking route, the training methodology, and if deemed necessary, change certain parameters of the service.

I acknowledge that I fulfil the requirements of the Hungarian Government Decree 41/2010 (II. 26). Korm. on the ownership of pets, with special regard to the obligation of the provision of an electronic transponder (chip) on my dog(s) (the decree can be downloaded in Hungarian from the Service Provider’s homepage at Should I not or only partly fulfil this obligation, then all possible monetary or other consequences shall be borne by me.

I declare that I have provided my dog by the time the service starts and during the full duration thereof with all necessary and unambiguous identification measures, on an easily identifiable spot, in a secure manner. 

I acknowledge that the Service Provider uses all personal data provided here confidentially, according to the Decree LXIII. of 1998. I hereby give my permission to the Service Provider to use my data for marketing and other purposes. At the same time I give my consent to receiving notifications either electronically or by regular mail about discounts, special programs or promotions on a regular basis.




Az AGA (Austrian Grooming Association – Osztrák Kutyakozmetikusok Szövetsége) 2003-ban alakult és cégünk, a Dogmopolite Magyarország első és mindidáig egyetlen cége, amely tagja ennek a presztízsértékű szövetségnek.



A Dogmopolite Kft. 2013 óta a floridai székhelyű IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) hivatalos tagja – ezzel elmondhatjuk, hogy cégünk Magyarországon ebben az ágazatban elsőként lépett be egy elismert nemzetközi szervezetbe, amely egyesület komoly szakmai és humán erőforrási követelményrendszert ír elő tagjai felé.


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Professzionalizmus és a minket körülvevő egészségi és tárgyi értékek iránti elkötelezettségünk jeléül általános és szolgáltatói felelősség-biztosítással rendelkezünk 10 millió Ft összegig a szolgáltatás során esetlegesen felmerülő sérülések és tárgyi károk kezelésére.



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