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recepcio dogmopolite kutyakozmetikaWe tend to believe that being clever, intelligent, well-mannered, nice, obedient and loving may be all the qualities a dog should possess. But in addition to all of these, let us not forget the importance of being beautiful and well-groomed: what might be only aesthetics in our opinion is comfort and health for our four-legged friend!

Our grooming salons use only internationally recommended, professional products for achieving the best possible results. A full grooming – according to the breed and lifestyle of your pet – might include a personal consultation, clipping, bathing, drying, brushing or combing, cutting or trimming, plus the treatment of the eyes, teeth, ears, claws, paws and anal glands.

Grooming services:

Prior to starting the grooming process, our clients have the opportunity to consult with the groomer and speak through their needs and expectations. Our colleague will, according to the breed and habits of the dog, recommend the appropriate grooming method and content, but – as always – the last word will always be that of the owner.

As dog owners and lovers we know that in some cases clients might bath, sometimes also groom their pet themselves. However, for a truly aesthetic and professional result and thereby the lasting maintenance of the dog's health we recommend a professional grooming session every 8-10 weeks.

Whitening of the eye- and mouth region:


Many dogs, but especially their owners suffer from the dog’s coat around the mouth and eyes turning brown, often caused by a misappropriate nutrition; these spots are a well-visible and not too fortunate and aesthetic. In our Pest location you can try out our revolutionary eye- and mouth-region whitener, exclusively with products from the US. The treatment (3 x 20 minutes) will be done during the regular grooming session, making the entire process only approx. 30 minutes longer. The procedure needs to be repeated 3 times (every week), in order to reach the final result. The entire process can be repeated every second month, if needed.

Plaque and Tartar Removal:


Dental plaque and tartar are responsible for a number of illnesses, including, but not limited to bad breath, gum inflammation, parodontium inflammation, and loss of teeth. Plaque and tartar removal is/was normally performed in anaesthesia on our dogs, which means a substantial strain and stress for them. Not long ago, however, a tooth cleaning device was invented in Austria capable of producing ultrasound.

The application of ultrasound has a preventive effect against all sorts of tooth-related diseases. The component toothpaste creates microbubbles, which loosen up the plaque and tartar structure. The energy of the ultrasound penetrates 12 mm deep into the gum, where it kills bacteria and stimulates the tissue.

As we are performing this intervention while the dog is fully awake (neither anaesthetic, nor sedation), we can only provide service for calm and friendly pets. We, unfortunately, cannot treat dogs with severely neglected teeth, but can certainly help in recognizing this state and provide counsel or recommendation. The device does not buzz, shake, and the intervention is totally painless. We provide a fully professional and safe treatment for your beloved dog.

Our grooming salon offers services in the following fields, among others:
  • Healthcare treatment:
    • Cutting the claws
    • Paw hair cut
    • Haircut above and in front of the eyes
    • Anal hair cut
    • Anal gland treatment
    • Ear hair cut, ear cleaning
    • Eye cleaning
  • Dematting, Clipping, Stripping
  • Thorough cold/hot bathing
  • Drying
  • Combing/Brushing
  • Cutting/Trimming/Style trimming (standard, hobby, fantasy)

Dog grooming colleagues

Magyarvári Boglárka
Bogi dog groomer

Bogi’s been a member of the Dogmopolite dog grooming salon Pest since 2016. She’s worked as a dog groomer for 4 years; together with Hetti, Bogi’s skills have reached new heights. She has lived with dogs in the past four years and will continue learning dog whispering, since mental health, beyond beauty, is an important matter, too. Bogi continues to develop herself with seminars, trainings and grooming courses.

B Tóth Sarolta

Saci graduated as a professional dog groomer in 2007, with excellent results. She has a dog past spanning over 18 years, starting with the Miniature Poodle, after which she became a Boxer fanatic, a passion still lasting today. Saci’s favourites also include the Westie. She does dog sports, flyball and also dog training, as Saci is a professional dog trainer at the same time, having been a tutor in dog schools in and around Budapest.

Csala Hetti

Hetti joined the grooming team of Dogmopolite Grooming Pest in 2015. She is endlessly devoted towards dogs; her work has been her passion ever since she started off. In the past 15 years of uninterrupted grooming Hetti has been open to all developments in the profession, and has attended seminars and trainings regularly. Hetti received her degree from the well-known Szűcs Marika, and is one of the top.

Katona Kinga

Kinga has been crazy about dogs since her childhood. For over 9 years now, she has been both a dog and cat owner, and she grooms them too, regularly. In her free time she reads professional books and publications, she deems her professional progress as extremely important. Kinga is a regular guest on dog events, exhibitions. She graduated in 2010 as a dog groomer, and has ever since developed into one of the best in our grooming team.

Kenyeres Anna

For the past ten years, Anna has prepared Kerry Blue Terriers and Pulis for exhibitions and has been a professional dog groomer for ten years as well. Anna is a keen participant in dog dancing, agility and frisbee competitions, as well as dog exhibitions. She has studied and worked in Hungary, the US and Spain. Anna loves to learn and develop, she regularly visits competitions and seminars.

Kovács Mónika

Mónika’s had a real admiration for dogs since her earliest age. She got her first dog with 6 and the first to be grooming regularly with 10, which was an English Cocker Spaniel. Back then she decided that she would become a groomer for living. She did the grooming school in 2008 and has become a real professional in the field. Nowadays Mónika is the proud owner of four dogs (a Yorkie and 3 Salukis).



Az AGA (Austrian Grooming Association – Osztrák Kutyakozmetikusok Szövetsége) 2003-ban alakult és cégünk, a Dogmopolite Magyarország első és mindidáig egyetlen cége, amely tagja ennek a presztízsértékű szövetségnek.



A Dogmopolite Kft. 2013 óta a floridai székhelyű IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) hivatalos tagja – ezzel elmondhatjuk, hogy cégünk Magyarországon ebben az ágazatban elsőként lépett be egy elismert nemzetközi szervezetbe, amely egyesület komoly szakmai és humán erőforrási követelményrendszert ír elő tagjai felé.


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Professzionalizmus és a minket körülvevő egészségi és tárgyi értékek iránti elkötelezettségünk jeléül általános és szolgáltatói felelősség-biztosítással rendelkezünk 10 millió Ft összegig a szolgáltatás során esetlegesen felmerülő sérülések és tárgyi károk kezelésére.



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