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I am taking my two toy poodles to the Buda grooming facility. What the girls do with them is a miracle. The dogs are calm, I can even stay there during the cut. The dogs smell deliciously for weeks. The cut itself is an artwork.

My dog just loves Viki in the Pest grooming salon. She is the best Yorkie groomer in the country. We often go to dog shows and everyone is astonished about her work. Can only recommend her to everyone with a Yorkie.

I often visit the girls at the Buda outlet with my little Westie. I like the cleanliness, that you can sit conveniently, can read a little bit, because I prefer being present during the cat in order to see how she’s treated – very well I can say.

I am going to the Pest location once per month with my girl Spaniel. I am very, very satisfied, my dog is not tortured, they don’t put her on leash and my dog, strangely enough, loves going there. The results are just awesome!

A pleasure that I finally found a grooming shop near me, in Pest, a place where my dogs are pulling me into when we’re passing by. No whining, only a pleasant memory after each visit. The job itself is beautiful, people stop me all the time.

We always use the Pest salon with my mid-poodle. My poodle has never been groomed this well, as with Dogmopolite. Fact is, they also charge the price. But the result is worth it, absolutely. 

I use the Buda grooming salon, Alfi loves the girls there. The shampoo they use is unique, you cannot get it elsewhere, they smell good for weeks. Plus, they really know how to groom. Recommended!

We’re going to the Buda shop with my Puli regularly. I got the advice to apply to the ring. The cording is really time-consuming, but the result is breathtaking. I think I’ll take their advice, as the quality provided is just incredible. 

We go to the Pest grooming salon with our two Spaniels. Each time we leave the shop with a marvellous, shining coat, with a fresh scent. I also think that the loyalty card is a good idea as I like collecting points and things in general.

We visit the Dogmopolite dog grooming shop in Buda every second month with my Bichon and we’re very satisfied. Sometimes it takes more time, but the quality is worth the effort. But for the dog’s sake we should all have the time.

We go to the dog grooming salon in Pest once per month with my giant schnauzer. He gets on the grooming table only with some effort, but once up there, he stays there, calmly, until our usual top quality is reached.

We always use the Buda grooming salon with my little Labrador. For me it’s very convenient, easily reachable by bus, as I have no car. The shop is in the bus stop, and it’s the nicest grooming salon I’ve ever seen. Quality also impeccable.



Az AGA (Austrian Grooming Association – Osztrák Kutyakozmetikusok Szövetsége) 2003-ban alakult és cégünk, a Dogmopolite Magyarország első és mindidáig egyetlen cége, amely tagja ennek a presztízsértékű szövetségnek.



A Dogmopolite Kft. 2013 óta a floridai székhelyű IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) hivatalos tagja – ezzel elmondhatjuk, hogy cégünk Magyarországon ebben az ágazatban elsőként lépett be egy elismert nemzetközi szervezetbe, amely egyesület komoly szakmai és humán erőforrási követelményrendszert ír elő tagjai felé.


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Professzionalizmus és a minket körülvevő egészségi és tárgyi értékek iránti elkötelezettségünk jeléül általános és szolgáltatói felelősség-biztosítással rendelkezünk 10 millió Ft összegig a szolgáltatás során esetlegesen felmerülő sérülések és tárgyi károk kezelésére.



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